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About NPI

NPI is a proven leader in automated sorting solutions. For over 45 years, our automated solutions have set the standard for affordable, high-speed, low-maintenance automated parcel and letter sorting systems. Our team of experts engineer, design, manufacture, and install sorting systems, offering continued customer support through customizable service plans for preventative maintenance, equipment service, parts, and 24/7 customer support. We manufacture sorters to reduce labor requirements, increase production, and improve operational efficiency for sorting letters, flats, and parcels such as polybags, boxes, and difficult irregularly shaped packages. NPI customers are just as diverse as we are, ranging from 3rd party delivery, last-mile, courier services, financial institutions, posts, B2C, pharmaceutical, distribution, e-commerce, and warehouse operations. NPI’s automated sorting solutions are expertly engineered to be modular and versatile, a reflection of NPI’s unwavering commitment to consistently achieving ‘Efficiency Through Innovation’.”

Product Categories



  • Maxim High Volume Letter Sorter
  • Omega Compact Letter & Flats Sorter
  • Semi-Automated Bulk Singulator
  • Vsort Letter & Flats Sorter
  • Xstream High Throughput Sliding Shoe Sorter