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About CreateASoft, Inc.

CreateASoft delivers advanced solutions in Digital Twin, Simulation, and integrated Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning technologies tailored for the warehousing, manufacturing, and healthcare sectors.
Utilizing our patented simulation and data driven digital twin engine, CreateASoft technologies empower you to optimize your operations, enhance scheduling, and generate real-time predictive analytics.
Digital Twin Studio facilitates Real-Time Digital Twin Shadow, seamlessly integrating AI/ML to optimize, in Real time, slotting, scheduling, directed put-away, material handling, storage density and more. Digital Twin Studio connects to multiple data systems (WMS,ERP,PLCs, RFID, IoT devices, … ) in order to provide a comprehensive and detailed view of the operation.
Simcad Simulation Software provides a data-driven simulation environment specifically crafted for emulating, simulating, and optimizing operations. Whether you are engaged in the analysis of an existing operation, validating an automation solution, implementing AMRs/AGVs/MHEs, or designing a new system, Simcad stands out as a preferred tool across various industries.
Applications and Benefits:


  • WMS Emulation and Validation
  • Slotting and Pick Path analysis and Optimization
  • Sortation and Staging optimizations
  • Replenishment strategy
  • Put-Away strategy analysis and optimization
  • Material Handling Optimization and Fleet Sizing (Including AMRs/AGVs, ...)
  • Storage Density analysis and optimization
  • Automated storage capacity and automation analysis
  • Facility Layout & Design (Green Field, Brown Field, and existing facilities)
  • Congestion Analysis and Reduction
  • Human and Automated Equipment Interaction
  • Capacity Planning & Scheduling
  • Labor allocation and forecasting
  • Cubing Optimization


  • Production Optimization
  • Identify & Reduce Bottlenecks and Constraints
  • Labor Allocation Optimization
  • Detailed and Optimized Scheduling
  • Capacity Analysis and Growth Projection
  • LEAN Six Sigma Implementation
  • Facility Layout and Design
  • WIP Inventory Management & Reduction
  • Capacity Planning and Forecasting
  • Automation Validation and analysis
  • Material Handling optimization and fleet sizing


  • Analyze and Prove Out Control Logic before Roll Out
  • Identify Potential Buffering Problems, Conveyor Speeds and Equipment Interaction
  • Identify AGV/STV Optimum Path and Intersection Behavior
  • Prove Out Merge Logic, Slug Length and Priorities
  • Determine Expected PLC Logic in a Virtual Environment
  • Robot Analysis & Multiple Robot Interactions

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  • Digital Twin Studio
  • iAnimate 3D
  • Simcad Pro