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W229 N2510 Duplainville Road Waukesha, WI 53186
United States

About Matthews Automation Solutions

Global brands partner with Matthews Automation Solutions ( - a division of Matthews International ( - for innovative material handling technologies and proven vertical industry expertise. Matthews’ best-in-class warehouse automation brands – Compass Engineering (, Lightning Pick ( and Pyramid ( – deliver agile, integrated applications. Our recognized picking systems which include pick-to-light, put walls, and picking carts, drive speed and accuracy in order picking and order sortation tasks. Advanced Warehouse Execution Software (WES) integrates and synchronizes islands of automation and balances work for optimum throughput, material flow and real-time process visibility. Combined with our new collaborative robot technologies, Matthews delivers innovative systems that maximize your order fulfillment processes today, and tomorrow.

Product Categories


  • Compass CORS
  • Lightning Pick
  • NEXUS Warehouse Execution System
  • Pyramid Director