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About Advance Storage Products

Advance Storage Products provides large scale structural pallet racking solutions in all product configurations, including single selective, double deep reach, pushback, drive-in, pick tunnel, pick module, pallet flow and carton flow systems. Advance brings over 100,000,000 lbs. of steel production capacity per year and routinely ships projects in excess of $5,000,000, on time and on budget. Advance Storage Products is the country’s leading manufacturer of pushback systems, producing nearly half of systems sold in the US. Advance’s LoPro Pushback racking solution is the recognized “gold standard” for ease of installation, ease of operation, quality and durability. Our warehouse pallet racking solutions are used in major installations for many Fortune 500 companies. Advance’s state of the art rack system manufacturing facilities in Cedartown, Georgia and Salt Lake City, Utah were designed from the ground up, specifically to produce structural pallet rack and pushback industrial storage systems. The integrated production process ensures on time delivery, proper sequencing of production and excellent quality at competitive prices, for all types of rack projects for warehouses and distribution centers in the US and abroad. Introducing he Advance ISATellite Pallet Shuttle System Advance Storage Products has partnered with Cassioli to introduce the ISATellite pallet shuttle system to the United States market. The ISATellite is a high density, semi-automatic pallet storage solution for warehouse and distribution center operations. Advance brings over 60 years of pallet rack expertise combined with Cassioli’s proven track record of successful automation solutions throughout Europe. The Advance ISATellite is the ideal solution for high density pallet storage solutions. The semi-automatic ISATellite allows storage of a large quantity of pallets (depths can exceed 30 or more pallets), allowing optimization of warehouse space for high density storage applications. ISATellite, operates in a semi-automatic mode, controlled by a remote control managed directly by the operator. From the display on the remote control the user can monitor operating conditions in real time for one, or many shuttles. The Advance-Cassioli partnership of proven success provides a high-quality alternative for high density pallet storage to customers in food and beverage, cold storage, and other large distribution applications. Combining the flexibility of Advance’s customized racking applications and Cassioli’s semi-automatic components will deliver increased product storage capacity while simultaneously decreasing rack system damage from forklifts.

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