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About Datex

Datex is a seasoned supply chain technology firm, boasting 45 years expertise in delivering software solutions to third-party logistics providers and clients spanning diverse sectors such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, regulated goods, precious metals, consumer goods, cold storage, and temperature-controlled commodities. Our flagship innovation, known as wavelength, is a unified SaaS platform tailored for logistics providers. This proprietary platform empowers logistics professionals to craft sophisticated applications by seamlessly linking disparate systems and designing interfaces through a user-friendly, low-code studio. At the heart of our offering is FootPrint WMS, a premier SaaS application hosted on Microsoft Azure, fully integrated, composed, published, and managed within our wavelength platform. With its intuitive drag-and-drop simplicity and zero downtime update capabilities, FootPrint WMS empowers clients to swiftly deploy customized enterprise solutions to meet complex operational needs. Datex’s unwavering commitment to client satisfaction is underscored by our customer-centric approach, serving 200 global clients through a team of over 140 resources spanning North America, Spain, Chile, India, Bulgaria, Egypt, and the Philippines.

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