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About Paccurate, Inc.

Paccurate is a leading carton optimization software platform. When fulfillment costs rise, having perfectly packed shipments doesn’t just make for happier recipients, it’s a competitive advantage. With decades of experience in parcel fulfillment, Paccurate provides a software platform that identifies the perfect carton sizes for every operation, and gives you total control over how they’re packed in real time. PacSimulate No more fighting with spreadsheets. This unique and powerful tool allows you to simulate millions of parcel shipments in order to: Identify which cartons to add or remove from your mix, or start from scratch and determine your optimal seasonal or year-round box mix. Predict the cost and environmental impact of box-on-demand machines, and determine where to most effectively deploy them in your operation. Evaluate the downstream impact of changes to your SKU mix, accurate to the cubic millimeter. PacAPI There’s a reason the top three retailers’ cartonization patents all reference Paccurate’s - this packing decision engine is the most sophisticated and flexible ever built. Unlike legacy solutions, PacAPI considers your real-world costs (including materials, labor, even the obscure breakpoints in your unique carrier rates) to find the optimal way to pack every order. Display or print helpful 3D instructions at your pack stations, or make box-on-demand machines smarter. Best of all, it’s easy to integrate with an existing shopping cart, WMS, and other systems so you can immediately reduce your Scope-3 emissions, damages, and transportation costs. Save money, delight your customers, and ship sustainably with Paccurate.

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