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About DAC Robotics

Design & Assembly Concepts, Inc. DAC Robotics provides innovated, custom designed manufacturing solutions for Warehouse and Industrial applications in the US and around the world. Founded in 1997 (privately held), DAC Robotics warehouse division manufacturers’ ABOT Robotic Box Opening, Automated Decant, Robotic Depalletizing and eSort Conveyor Sortation equipment and specializes in automated replenishment solutions for warehouse integrators and end users. DAC Robotics also manufactures custom Robotic solutions & designs and implementation of systems to many of the world's most successful industrial (assembly) companies. DAC Robotics supports customers in industries such as retail, grocery, eCommerce, omni-channel, pharmacy, electronics, computers, automotive, food & beverage, healthcare, consumer products, pharmaceuticals, military and petroleum. DAC Robotics is a vertically integrated company that designs products, builds fixtures, creates fully automated robotic systems, and custom equipment via Integrators or directly to end users.

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