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Monday, March 11 3:45 PM - 4:30 PM

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Event Location

Location: Theater F

Event Information

Title: PALLET RACKING Safety 101


It is incumbent upon any warehouse operator to ensure the safety and well-being of the associates working there.  What does this entail? This seminar highlights all aspects of safety-focused operation including pallet racking design features for life safety, the importance and type of engineering documentation that should be retained, Health and Safety Inspection ideas, Capacity Signage, racking maintenance programs and fire protection requirements. Sign up for this presentation and bring your questions as we help you achieve your safety compliance goals.

Type: On-Floor Seminars

Key Takeaways:


  • Resources available to the rack designer and end-user
  • Type and frequency of rack system inspections to help maintain a rack system in productive working order
  • Accessories that may be available to enhance the safety of a rack system
  • How to assess rack system damage and make a repair or replace decision
  • Fire protection considerations for rack safety


Product Category: Automated Storage / Retrieval Systems,eCommerce Fulfillment Automation,Last Mile Logistics,Racks


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An MHI Industry Group: Rack Manufacturers Institute (RMI)



  • Automated Storage/Retrieval Systems
  • Automatic Guided Vehicle Systems
  • eCommerce Fulfillment Automation
  • Last Mile Logistics
  • Order Fulfillment Automation
  • Order Picking & E-Commerce Fulfillment
  • Racks